Solar Water Heater


A solar water heater, also known as a solar thermal system or solar hot water system, is an innovative technology that uses the energy from sunlight to heat water for various domestic, commercial, and industrial applications. This energy-efficient solution offers a sustainable way to produce hot water while reducing the reliance on traditional fossil fuels and lowering energy costs.


Solar water heaters are especially effective in regions with abundant sunlight and a consistent demand for hot water. It uses green energy and because of that it is well-appreciated among environment-conscious individuals. Stainless Steel is used for its construction. UPNEDA & SECI respect our efforts too. Renewable energy is the gateway to a bright future and WEMEGA understands that better than any other company, hence we are the leading Solar EPC based company. We develop, plan, build, operate, and provide services of Solar Water heaters across India and are based in New Delhi.

  • Solar water heaters rely on free and abundant sunlight to heat water, resulting in significant reductions in energy bills. 
  • Solar water heaters also eliminate or greatly reduce the need for conventional fossil fuels such as gas, oil, or electricity for water heating.
  • They provide a degree of energy independence by relying on a renewable energy source that is not subject to supply disruptions, price fluctuations, or geopolitical issues associated with fossil fuels.

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