Solar Heat Pump


A solar heat pump, often referred to as a solar-assisted heat pump or solar hybrid heat pump, is a sophisticated technology that seamlessly integrates the capabilities of solar thermal collectors and heat pump systems. This innovative approach harnesses solar energy to provide a renewable and highly efficient source of heat for a variety of applications, including space heating, domestic hot water generation, and even pool heating.


By synergizing these two technologies, solar heat pumps offer superior performance, energy savings, and environmental benefits, making them a compelling solution for sustainable and cost-effective heating. Since it uses only Clean and Green energy, it doesn’t have any adverse impact on our environment. Copper, Aluminum, or Steel are used for its construction. MVVNL and UPPCL are two organizations that recognize our efforts for a green movement.  WEMEGA, the Solar EPC based company is a supreme company that develops, plans, builds, operates, and provides services for Solar Heat Pumps all across India and is based in New Delhi.

  • Solar heat pumps integrate solar thermal collectors with heat pump technology, maximizing energy efficiency and performance.
  • The integration of solar energy lowers energy consumption and reduces heating costs compared to conventional systems.
  • They produce fewer greenhouse gas emissions, promoting environmental sustainability and reducing carbon footprint.
  • Solar heat pumps also reduce reliance on grid-supplied energy for heating, enhancing energy autonomy and resilience.


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