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Solar fencing is an advanced perimeter security solution that combines solar energy technology with electric fencing systems. This innovative approach provides enhanced security for properties, agricultural lands, livestock enclosures, and other areas requiring protection against unauthorized entry or wildlife intrusion. It uses clean and green energy and has no carbon footprint.


Solar fencing effectively deters intruders by delivering a non-lethal yet powerful electric shock upon contact. It offers a reliable, eco-friendly, and cost-effective solution for safeguarding both human assets and the environment. Climate change is a great issue for our era and this product helps solve the problem. MS Powder Coated material is typically used in its construction. The Ministry of New and Renewable Energy and MVVNL recognize our efforts for helping to transition to a sustainable future. WEMEGA, a New Delhi-based Solar EPC company that develops, plans, builds, operates, and provides services for Solar Fencing all across India and was founded in the year 2016.

  • Solar fencing is ideal for remote areas where access to grid power is limited or unavailable. It operates independently of the electrical grid.
  • It utilizes solar energy to power the system, eliminating the need for grid electricity and reducing operating costs.
  • Solar fencing systems have minimal maintenance requirements, typically involving periodic checks of fence wires, insulators, and battery health.

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