Domestic Solar Project


A domestic solar project involves the installation of solar panels on a residential property to harness the power of the sun and convert it into clean, renewable energy for household consumption. This eco-friendly initiative allows homeowners to reduce their dependence on traditional fossil fuels, lower their electricity bills, and contribute to a greener environment.


Solar panels, typically made of photovoltaic cells, are strategically mounted on the roof or other suitable areas of a residential property to capture sunlight. These panels transform sunlight into direct current (DC) power. The DC electricity generated by the solar panels needs to be converted into alternating current (AC) electricity, which is used in homes. Inverters are installed as part of the system to perform this conversion process. We develop off-grid, hybrid, and on-grid solar plants. WEMEGA is a well-reputed Solar EPC based company based in New Delhi which develops, plans, builds, operates, and provides services for Domestic Solar Projects all across PAN India. UPNEDA and the Ministry of New and Renewable Energy appreciate our efforts in providing services for Domestic Solar Projects.

  • Silicon is a widely used semiconductor material in solar panels.
  • Utilizing solar energy helps mitigate environmental impact by reducing greenhouse gas emissions, air pollution, and the overall carbon footprint. 
  • Solar panels have few moving parts and require minimal maintenance. 
  • They generate electricity that can offset or even eliminate a significant portion of your monthly electricity bills. You can save Upto 90% Saving on Electricity Bills
  • By generating your own electricity, you become less dependent on traditional energy sources and utility companies. 
  • You can receive Government Solar Subsidy between 30-40%.

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