Commercial Solar Project


A commercial solar project involves the installation of solar energy systems on commercial properties, such as businesses, industrial facilities, and institutions. These projects aim to harness solar energy to generate electricity for on-site consumption, reducing energy costs and environmental impact. UPPCL appreciates our clean energy efforts. Commercial solar projects are typically larger in scale compared to residential projects.


The system size depends on the energy needs of the business and the available roof or ground space for solar panels. One of the primary motivations for commercial solar projects is to lower operational costs. By generating their own electricity, businesses can reduce their reliance on grid power and stabilize long-term energy expenses. Silicon is a widely used semiconductor material in solar panels. When it comes to developing, planning, building, operating, and providing services for Commercial Solar Projects across India, WEMEGA, an Solar EPC Company is the industry leader. We are based in New Delhi and since our foundation we have served innumerable customers with our services.

  • One of the primary objectives of a commercial solar project is to reduce energy costs for businesses. 
  • Commercial solar projects are designed to meet the specific energy requirements of the business. 
  • Solar panels can be installed on various parts of a commercial property, including rooftops, parking lots, open ground areas, and even building facades. 
  • It can be utilized for schools, hospitals, industries, etc. 
  • You can save Upto 75% Saving on Electricity Bills.

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